Our Services

Scope of Services


·       Spread Footing or Pile design, with pier details and locations and appropriate uplift and shear restraint.

·       Elevated Wall with proper vent and breakaway wall design in Flood areas.


Floor Plans:

·       Design floor joist sizes using either conventional lumber, I-Joists, or prefabricated trusses.

·       Identify load paths and load bearing walls.

·       Design and size beams and support columns, including connection details.

·       Identify Shearwall and Hold down requirements to meet code.



·       Design and size all roof components, including ridges, hips, and rafters.

·       Identify roof support requirements and carry load paths to the foundation.


Site Inspections:

·       If requested, Hassig Engineering Inc. will provide periodic construction inspections and inspection documentation.

·       Hassig Engineering Inc. will provide construction discrepancy resolution services with practical corrective solutions.







Residential construction
We support the construction of individual residential buildings or entire residential areas.

Commercial construction
We support the construction of office buildings and shopping centers.